TSIA2 Practice Test

Our free TSIA2 practice tests will help you prep for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0. The TSIA2 is a placement test for students who are enrolling in public universities in Texas. Our website offers a full length practice test with challenging questions and detailed explanations.

TSIA2 Test

The second edition of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, the TSIA2, is a placement test administered by Accuplacer, which helps demonstrate a student’s college readiness in reading, writing, and math.

The TSIA2 Accuplacer assessments are multiple choice (other than the essay question), untimed, and computer adaptive, meaning that the questions become more or less challenging depending on how you perform. There are three tests with content as follows:

  • The TSIA2 Math Test: The mathematics test covers quantitative reasoning, algebraic reasoning, geometric and spatial reasoning, and probabilistic and statistical reasoning.
  • The TSIA2 ELAR: The English Language Arts and Reading test measures your reading and writing skills.
  • The TSIA2 Essay Test: One randomly selected prompt will be delivered requiring a 300–600 word essay response. The essay will be evaluated on its purpose and focus, organization and structure, development and support, sentence variety and style, mechanical conventions, and critical thinking.

For both the ELAR and Math sections, test takers will begin with a College Readiness Classification Test (unless they have an exemption). Then, if they don’t meet the college readiness benchmark, they will be asked to take a follow-up diagnostic test to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

To best demonstrate your college readiness and your skills in reading, writing, and math, it’s important to study and practice before your test. Get started today with our TSI practice questions!